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Min. Qty
300 Pieces
BrandSneha Garments Reflective TapeGreyTape width2"closerZipperFabricPolyester ViscoseColourOrangeSizeS, M, L, XL, XXLColorOrangeUniform TypeBoiler Suit

Sneha Garments Range of Reflective Boiler suit is made up of fine quality fabric and export quality stitching that will give you comfort while at work and increase durability of suit. This Boiler Suit is made in florescent polyester viscose with reflective tapes in the front and back to increase the visibility of an individual at night and poor light conditions. The Sneha Garments Reflective Boiler Suit is highly luminescent in its natural matt property, therefore person wearing this it can be easily discernible from any background. These Boiler suit keep yourself safe from spillage and dirt. They are very comfortable and do not ride up when you work, this makes worker concentrate on work without any hassle of taking care of their clothes. It can be used by Industrial worker, operators of heavy machinery and worker at construction area.